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Boost Your Conversion Rates with AI-Powered Optimization for 2022

One thing we, as marketers, can agree on is that one landing page won’t convert all your visitors. But, creating multiple, optimized landing pages isn’t something that can be done in a blink of an eye and is usually a big undertaking for smaller marketing teams. Now, this kind of project would be a no-brainer if we can be sure that the work will convert.

How do we do that? With Unbounce’s Smart Traffic.

Smart Traffic by Unbounce dynamically tracks conversion patterns, which means it can detect changes in visitor behaviors right away and will keep you up to date with your customers’ evolving preferences. With insights like these, you can be confident that your marketing efforts are being utilized correctly and efficiently.

In as little as 50 visits, Smart Traffic automatically sends your visitors to the landing page variant most likely to convert them. Therefore, by creating multiple variants and turning on Smart Traffic, you connect every prospect with more relevant experiences—upping your chances of conversion.

Say Hello to Your New Potential

No need for deep pockets or a team of marketing specialists to get Smart Traffic up and running, either. With a click of a button, you can set it and forget it. That means no more endless testing cycles and wasted ad spend, Smart Traffic is optimization on autopilot. Even when you sign off for the day, Smart Traffic is still working to get your message in front of new prospects — exposing your brand to audiences, segments, and verticals that you may have never discovered on your own.

Small Business Marketing, Big Business Energy

In a nutshell, Smart Traffic helps you score more leads, sales, and signups — making every click count. Because, when you connect your visitors with relevant landing pages, the likelihood of converting them skyrockets.

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