Client retention depends on getting exceptional results; but, if you’re sending traffic to a one-size-fits-all website, you’re actually limiting the ROI your agency can deliver.

Destination Page

When sending client traffic to a website, you risk distracting visitors with drop-down menus, company bios, and unrelated CTAs. Yes, these are important for the company to have, but it’s not the best design to convert the visitors you’re sending. Instead, a destination page with one, focused goal tailored to a campaign keeps visitors converting and, in turn, keeps your clients happy.

With that said, every agency knows that it can be a struggle to get your own efforts completed when relying on your client’s own development team. Most development and marketing teams have a lot on their plates and when you add more page requests, things can definitely get delayed. We’re talking technical bottlenecks and endless games of telephone tag, plus, adding your own in-house developers just adds overhead.

Build client pages without all the back and forth?

With Unbounce landing pages, you can launch campaigns faster and turn more traffic into conversions. Thus, making you one of the smartest investments your clients ever made and the easiest choice for new clients.

It’s easy to create pages that match your client’s branding exactly with our drag-and-drop builder and library of 100+ customizable templates. And, with Unbounce, any member of your agency can build high-converting, on-brand landing pages, with no coding required.

Client Management

Unbounce also makes client management smooth with an account structure that makes things easy for you and seamless for your clients. Easily manage multiple clients within your account, keeping every detail of your clients’ campaigns secure and group landing pages, popups, and sticky bars by campaign for easy reference.


It’s time to bolster your services, brand power, and cash flow by adding conversion optimization, page design, user experience, campaign analytics, and development capabilities with Unbounce. Simply chat with one of their Agency Specialists to see how Unbounce can help get more conversions for your clients while growing your agency.

Does this article help to explain the importance of a landing page and how integral this technique is for converting more traffic into leads?

If you have any other conversion techniques or best practices to recommend, please share them with me in the comments.

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