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Thinking About Getting A Dog For The First Time?

There is no question that having a dog is a truly happy and rewarding experience for most dog owners. If you are intending to bring a dog into your life there are a few breeds that would be better for first time dog owners. However, regardless which dog you choose, it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, especially given they will live with you for the remainder of their life. Therefore, there are a number of factors that should be considered to ensure you’re up to the challenge that comes with being a caring and responsible dog owner.

Its A Long Term Commitment

Before you take the leap, it is very important to decide how much money you are prepared to invest considering regular visits to the vet, grooming, food, toys and incidentals that all add up, which requires a real financial commitment on your part.

Does A Dog Fit Your Lifestyle

It’s extremely important to choose the right dog that will seamlessly fit into your way of life. Therefore, you really want to assess specific things like interests, exercise regiment, work schedule, and even your family and relatives personalities in an effort to make the best choice.

Dog Characteristics and Traits

You need to ascertain what are the qualities you want in your dog. For example, regardless of whether you are searching for a small or big dog, their energy and maintenance level, teachability, and just their overall demeanor is key to a happy household. Also, these factors are especially important if you are living in a rental unit because you’ll want to check to ensure there are no limitations or restrictions imposed by the landlord. Make a point to make the appropriate inquiries given the fact that once you get a dog into your home, it would be extremely unsettling to discover that you made the wrong decision.

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Picking The Right Breed

After ascertaining the qualities you want in a dog, you need to begin researching the breeds that fit the profile you want in your first dog. However, this applies to experienced dog owners too. Therefore, do your homework and jump online because there are a plethora of websites that can provide invaluable information to help you make an intelligent and informed decision. Also, you can contact your local vet for their advice and recommendations.


The smartest approach is to go through a credible and reputable breeder to get your dog. To that end, you want to search for breeders near you. Likewise, try not to be discouraged if the first breeder you contact doesn’t have the pup you want, but they might be familiar with different breeders in your area. However, buying a dog from a breeder can be expensive and may be outside your budget, so in that case consider adopting a dog from a rescue or animal shelter.

Ask Questions

When you successfully locate a reputable breeder don’t hesitate for a second to ask questions that you consider relevant. In addition, you can request an on-site visit to examine the conditions and examine the dog first hand. Also, ask questions about the breed and the breeder’s overall practices.

Provide Accurate Information

Regardless of whether you are interacting with a credible breeder or a rescue association, they will most likely ask you a few questions to help determine your fitness as a pet owner. They want to get some information about the sort of home you will provide for your dog. Therefore, try to share truthful and accurate information because they are truly only interested in securing good and happy homes for our furry friends.

Don’t Be Impatient

If by chance the dog you want isn’t available at the present time, then be patient and wait until he or she becomes available. Just remember that reputable breeders have dogs that are often already on a waitlist, so be proactive and sit tight for the ideal opportunity.


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