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What is User Interface and User Experience Design?

The design process includes a wide range of methodologies and best practices to ensure that an end product achieves its core (often business) objectives whilst providing its users with the most efficient and engaging experience possible. Together with user interface design, which is the actual visual design of a website or application, the focus remains on the user’s experience and interaction.

UX Design

UX is best to be thought of as the beginning of the design cycle, it’s where your mission is to understand in detail what problem you’re trying to solve for your users. First identify the problem, then work on the solution.

Carefully plan and document requirements for each project or related-task, which will be instrumental for conceptualizing, designing, creating and improving the overall web presentation. What’s unique about this stage is that for most of the deliverables, the documentation is the design. Therefore, it’s really important to first consider the overall strategy for the site in an effort to provide the user with a consistent user experience.

UI Design

The goal of an interactive and visual designer is to make users effective, and great design is making complex things simple. Interface design includes the navigation, color scheme, typography, iconography, buttons, tool tips, visual cues, feature set, and a responsive layout.

The overall objective is to design unique and memorable solutions by employing the latest technologies to create rich, elegant and skillfully crafted user interfaces with an emphasis on user-centered design.


The primary objective is to provide cost effective business solutions for companies looking to establish or improve their online identity through a visually engaging and professional online presence. The experience makes the website or product, not the features – by marrying business goals with user needs, and working to define an experience that engages your target audience and drives them to action.

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